Turkish Marble From The Mediterranean

Today we will promote you the unique types of Turkish Marble From The Mediterranean. We will start with Antalya today.

A view from The Port Of Antalya

                               A view from The Port Of Antalya

The Mediterranean is located in the south of Turkey. The biggest city is Antalya there. Antalya is a famous touristic city of the world. Two million citizens are living there in Antalya. The biggest economic action is tourism in Antalya. Antalya is famous with it’s beaches, sun and sand. Antalya is a historical city too.

Alongside to the economic action in tourism mining is important too. The Taurus mountains are full with natural stone quarries. And for that reason Antalya is an important city for the Turkish Marble. There are different types of marble, granite, onyx and quartz in Antalya. The quarry owners can handle the natural stones too in Antalya in their factories. The harbour named “Akdeniz” is the best way to transport the natural stones all arround the world via shipping. The last datas from BAİB (Batı Akdeniz İhracatçılar Birliği) says us that the total export value is 309 million 357 thousand and 352 US Dollars in Natural Stones.

In Antalya you can find these products; Golden Night (Marble), Sky Blue (Onyx – Marble), Dark Emperador (Marble), Light Emperador (Marble), different types of Beige (Marble), Limra (Limra), Taurus Black (marble), different types of Granite etc.

If you need to work but also if you need a holiday. We are waiting you to Antalya. Enjoy the smiling sun, pearl white sand and the deep blue mediterranean.  During you are enjoying these you can make your Turkish Quality Marble business too. Isn’t it great? We hope to host you and make a deal.

Turkish Marble


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