Natural Stone

as well as the use of natural stones for decoration now slowly as well as in Turkey has now begun to take an important role in our daily lives.

sector of natural stone, which has not reached the real value is in Turkey’s economy for many years, in 1985 to be covered by the Mining Law has entered a new era. The sector grew slightly after this date, compared to the previous year and has taken place every year on the first of today our mineral exports. The importance of the economy of our country’s natural stone industry with the leading export and an important source of employment in the mining sector is quite large.

The recently thoroughly fashionable home decoration is now more important as a result of the gentlemen up every lady. In a relatively short time in your dreams you can easily reach the house. The only thing you need to do is always to your house in this case goes from chic and modern feel. Therefore, particularly with natural stone finishing is conducted in the homes of the first. Natural stones are more suitable as decor both in terms of usage and in terms of health. We have used natural stones Turkey is one of the most beautiful varieties of marble and natural stone. Our product is very suitable for use indoors and outdoors has always emphasized quality. At the same time, office decor, room decor, wall coverings used in the TV unit.

Best thanks to our special mold that we produce quality natural stones allows for easy application and flawless installation. You can visit us examine the model and price of the newest natural stone.

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