meaningful gift “Marble Part of Biden visit to Parliament”

US Vice President Biden visited the Parliament. Biden and his delegation about an hour after consulting with Turkey Grand National Assembly President Ismail Kahraman visited Parliament Speaker Hero and US Vice President Biden to Parliament. also representatives of the four parties in the visit to take place, with the hero and Biden came to the Hall of Honor. Here was informed about the coup attempt of US Vice President Biden. Heroes and Biden went over to the Office of the Prime Minister here, and then they went to the Çankaya Presidential Palace.

Biden learned and his emphasis September 11, September 11, was also recorded themselves said they were going to place under the protection of the police. The Parliament Speaker said that his emphasis on democracy hero.

As for foreign journalists to engage blow to Biden, he said the incident was learned that it was awful. During the attempted coup in honor of Biden visit a shattered piece of marble.


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