How Marble is Produced

Turkish Marble wants to explain in this article how we produce marble.

First of all the marble block must be cutted from the quarries. The first blocks wich is cutted is too big to transport and it must be cutted into small pieces. This operation needs a long time. Because the blocks are cutted with diamond wires. After we cut the blocks we transport them to the factory. In the factory the blocks would cutted into slabs in a machine wich is named as cut rock. In this machine you can cut slabs in different thicknesses as your wish.   After cutting into slabs we have to wait till the slabs are dry. The slabs are wet because we cut them with water. After the slabs are dried we fill them with epoxy to harden the slabs. After this action the slabs are going to the polishing machine. The polished slabs are ready to use. If you want you can deliver it or if you want you can dimesioning it and deliver it than.

We hope as Turkish Marble we could explained you the procedure of making marble. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact Turkish Marble. To contact us click this.Taj-Mahal

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