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About the Company

Founded in 1980, our company Trabzon, Istanbul and Antalya also operates. Our fields of activity, construction and mining Müteahhit’lik d. Our close to 483 projects in the construction sector, we also provide our services Granite Cube Stone and Granite Block production facilities in Trabzon.

Trabzon Cube stone Mining Plant

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Anger is closely following the sectoral technology to fulfill the demand of its customers in the best way is to continuously improve the Mine

grantit plate, blade and este plate border, groove, sandblasted granite, granite cube stone
Trabzon in our factory and GrabIt border Granik plate production are manufactured in our latest technological equipment in our own quarries. first and only indigenous natural granite stone factory was opened in the Black Sea region we serve.

Trabzon Gang our factory and began blowing in our plate production, road paving stone, Border and Gutter 2-3-4-5 cm thick and sandblasted natural, our products are burned, palletized way you are offered services to our valuable customers.

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