Marble Varieties

Marble is one of the types of natural compounds that give humanity a century’s worth since. a building material that is referenced frequently intertwined marble we live today to respond to the needs of modern man. Marble quality and durability as well as everything in the show vary according to the marble. Since 2006 Pursuing the principle of quality of life Marble marble sector continued to commercial varieties, it brings together the finest marble types of high-level craftsmanship and the most affordable prices with customers. Sertaş marble as Supren, Bilecik Beige, Marmara White, Tigerskin, Elazig Cherry, Aegean Brown and your structure combining Bursa Beige as the finest marble kind of experience and aesthetics, and strive to improve the quality of your living space.


Opaque marble varieties; (Marmara Island “white-gray”), Gebze (apple blossom), opium (sugar, yellow, tiger skin), Istanbul (pink), Ankara (beige or core), Hereke (Hereke pudding), Kırşehir (olive leaf, psoriasis), Kütahya (pistachio color), Geyve (mahogany), Kayseri (black), Izmir (white).

Veined and translucent onyx marble varieties (agate and alabaster genus); Seben-Bol (white, green background), Willow Bilecik (green, yellow, çaltıtaş), the Yunus Emre Eskisehir (brown), Turhal (green, yellow), Tokat (green), Sala Grande-Nevsehir (green).

Calcium carbonate is left by the marble waters, structures consisting of porous tuff sediment; Opium (yellow), Denizli (yellow), Kütahya (light brown), Malıköy (white), Pamukkale (white).

Very hard diabase marble varieties of stone; Gemlik (green).

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