turkish marble and granit

turkish marble and granit


Turkish Marble Quality

Turkish Marble Quality Turkish Marble Quality is one of the most  important charecteristic of the Natural Stone Industry in Turkey. The products which are produced in Turkey are carefully produced and this makes us feeling right proud of Turkish Marble Quality phrase. Turkey has a natural stone rich land and has a developed and experienced […]

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Holiday and Business sounds nice, isn’t it?

Holiday and Turkish Marble Business sounds nice, isn’t it? Today we present you another city in Turkey where you can make your holiday and business.     Mugla is the ideal destination for those who want everything at once. It is one of the many ancient cities of the Caria region, today Aegean region of […]

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Turkish Marble From The Mediterranean

Today we will promote you the unique types of Turkish Marble From The Mediterranean. We will start with Antalya today. The Mediterranean is located in the south of Turkey. The biggest city is Antalya there. Antalya is a famous touristic city of the world. Two million citizens are living there in Antalya. The biggest economic […]

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What can we do with Turkish Marble

Today in this article will Turkish Marble give some tips about the areas of usage of Turkish Quality Marble. As you know marble is glory, has o long life and it is easy to clean. That makes Turkish Marble a senseful option. Our first example is for the Baths. Turkish Quality marble is a rational […]

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Inside Arsenal star Mesut Özil’s £10 million home, which is decked out in Turkish marble and boasts a massive Yeezy Boost collection

Inside Arsenal star Mesut Özil’s £10 million home, which is decked out in Turkish marble and boasts a massive Yeezy Boost collection. Arsenal star and Germany national team midfielder Mesut Özil has given a rare glimpse into his luxury lifestyle with a tour of his £10 million north London house wich is designed withe Turkish Quality […]

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Why Turkish Marble?

Today our question is “Why Turkish Marble?” There are too much reasons for Turkish Marble. Turkey is one of the biggest producer in Marble sector of the World. There are unique types of Turkish Marble and the quality of these marbles are great. Because the Turkish manufacturers in Turkey has a big history full with […]

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How Marble is Produced

Turkish Marble wants to explain in this article how we produce marble. First of all the marble block must be cutted from the quarries. The first blocks wich is cutted is too big to transport and it must be cutted into small pieces. This operation needs a long time. Because the blocks are cutted with […]

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What is Marble?

Here are we as Turkish Marble to inform you. You can find as below how marble is formed. We hope as Turkish Marble that you enjoy it. Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism. It is composed primarily of the mineral calcite (CaCO3) and usually contains other minerals, such as […]

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We are Turkish Marble!

We are Turkish Marble from Turkey.   We are exporting all types of marble from Turkey. Turkish Marble is not just a producer. We are helping to find poeople who wants marblefrom Turkey but does not know where he can find it. Turkish Marble does everything for you. Just say us the quantity, the name of product and what kind of marble you want. As […]

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Lüleburgaz Congress Square Refreshing Pool

Kırklareli modification process is done in the pool in the town of Lüleburgaz Congress Square. Studies Deputy Mayor gives information about Rasim Lion, “began with Congress Square renovations last week by the pool in the nominal. Deteriorating places repaired. The marble is being cleaned. We want to finish in this week. Evening of upcoming holidays […]

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