turkish marble and granit

turkish marble and granit



The Best Types of Water Resistant Flooring

Natural Stone Slate, marble, travertine are a few of naturally elegant options that work exceptionally well in wet areas. Stone floors are easy to care for and impart a raw, minimalistic look to the space they’re in. They are also extreme durable and add value to your home. And as is the case with ceramics, […]

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The Advantages of Granite

While we may tend to associate granite more with countertops and backsplashes than with flooring, natural stone flooring is an option that is on the rise for homeowners all over the World. Beautiful, durable, and long lasting, natural stone isn’t just for the lobbies of mansions and skyscrapers anymore. You can have this luxurious material in […]

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How to Install Marble Tiles

While installing marble tile isn’t the single most difficult task in the realm of Do-It-Yourself home repair, it can still be a tricky process that requires precise planning and intricate implementation. This type of installation can be quite an undertaking, with large rooms requiring two or more days to complete with another three or four […]

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Eco by design: environmentally friendly home designs

“Hong Kong is not that forward thinking; interiors are still very archaic,” Kevin says. “It’s not like Singapore or Germany, there’s still a lot of solid materials like marble and gold. We’re behind the rest of Asia, and we lag behind even compared to China, which is really into the green look and movement.” Get […]

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Turkish Marble Used Hotel

New this year, the Times hired Jada Yuan as the official 52 Places Traveler who will blog about her adventures as she travels to each location: #52Places2018. We congratulate Ms. Yuan and look forward to meeting her as she takes on the world. Of course, we hope to host her at www.QHotelAnguilla.com during the journey, […]

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The new look and feel is indeed fresh

The new look and feel is indeed fresh, so much so that the initial release of 39 lots sold out before Christmas, well before anticipated, says Nzeribe. “We have a lot of people on the waiting list.” The contemporary-styled homes feature two options: a somewhat more traditional three-storey town with a yard; or a more […]

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How To Clean a Stone Fireplace

Dust and dirt may go undetected on the lighter patina of stone fireplaces compared with brick, but your fireplace must still be cleaned regularly. Microscopic pits found on the surface of natural stone such as granite, limestone, or slate collect their fair share of dust, dirt, soot, and creosote—a dark brown condensation of the by-products […]

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Ultra Marmi Ariostea: the utmost compositional freedom for floor and wall coverings

Large sizes, original veins and a great variety of laying schemes allow the porcelain materials in Ariostea’s Ultra Marmi collections to customise public and private spaces in original, creative ways. Elegant Gris de Savoie is an example, laid in Budapest’s Duna Arena, an Olympic swimming pool and sports centre built for the 17th World Aquatics […]

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How to Clean Marble

The marble kitchen counter of your dreams (and Pinterest boards) is finally installed—but wait, there’s a catch: how to clean marble? Keeping marble countertops and tile clean is actually simpler than you’d think, but, as with maintaining any surface and most things in life, you need to know what you’re dealing with. Now there’s day-to-day marble cleaning […]

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The Counter Argument for Turkish Natural Stone

As a designer and avid cook, I’m often asked what material I recommend for kitchen countertops. My answer: honed Turkish marble (statuary or Carrara are my favorites) or soapstone because I like their mellow look juxtaposed with my kitchen’s polished-nickel fixtures and semigloss-painted cabinets. But I always add the caveat that such materials can stain […]

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